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With additional protection, you can prevent fraudsters from misusing your credit card for shopping at your expense. The somewhat bulky term for this is “3D Secure”. This means that you have to additionally secure an online purchase where you want to pay by credit card. Find out how to do it here.

Shopping on the Internet is convenient. However, it happens occasionally in the billion-dollar market of worldwide online trade that card data is fraudulently tapped and misused. Even if you are usually already very well protected against this with the Astro credit card via the card conditions, it is annoying when it happens – and involves additional effort. The so-called 3D Secure process was developed to provide customers and dealers with more security. When making an online purchase, you have to provide more than just your credit card number, the card validity and the check digit. The most important questions and answers at a glance.


What does the 3D Secure process mean?

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It is best to install the S-ID-Check app. If you shop online, you will receive the payment details on your smartphone and confirm the purchase in the app after checking. Confirmation via the app is also very secure. Since fraudsters do not have your mobile phone, they cannot misuse the card because they cannot confirm the purchase on their mobile device.


What if I don’t have a smartphone?

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Then you can have a mobile transaction number (mTAN) sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

You have to register your credit card on the homepage of your Astro. Talk to your Astro advisor if you have any questions.


Hasn’t this procedure been around for a long time?

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So far, customers have been able to additionally protect their purchases with a password. This is no longer possible. That is why the credit card has to be registered again.

Yes, but the procedures have different names: Mastercard means “Mastercard SecureCode”, VISA “Verified by Visa”. If you have both cards, you should register both cards. What if I get a message when I don’t want to buy anything? Then you should notify your Astro immediately.

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